Our Service

We can find the best school for you!

Our company will provide comprehensive informrmation regarding the visa process and also help ypu prepare for the basic nihonggo lesson, school interviews. We are always updated with the latest requirement, which school is best for our students.

Our service

Guide to your new Journey in Japan

We will support our applicant`s at pre-departure also while in Japan for them to have an easier life. There are things that you need to learn first before coming in Japan.Helping student`s learn from the heart the culture and custom of Japanese people. 

Our service

Online Basic Japanese  class!

Our company will provide basic Japanese lesson for the them to be ready when they will travel here in Japan. We help them get ready for the school interview, entrance exams and when they are ask to introduce their self in front of the class in Japanese. In this way we will help them build cofidence in speaking, giving them basic knowledge of Japanese Language.


Pre- Departure

  • Register the applicants
  • Prepare applicant`s documents
  • Start Basic Japanese lesson thru online
  • Prepare for their Basic exams
  • Conduct an interview with the school CEO
  • Pre-Departure Orientation