Costs vary and refund from school to school, but standard payments and refund are:

First one year payment.

1. Selection fee. 20,000 yen.
2. School enrollment fee. 50,000 yen.
3. Tuition fee. 600,000 – 700,000 yen. One year fee
4. Other expence. 50,000 yen. Text fee, International student insurance premiums, etc.

Second year payment

1. Tuition fee .. 2 years is 600,000 – 700,000 yen.
. 1 year and 6 month is 300,000-350,000 yen.
. 1 year and 3 month is 150,000-175,000 yen .
2. Other expence .. 50,000 yen. same as first year.

Return (refund)

In principle, tuition fees once paid cannot be refunded. However, refunds may be accepted in accordance with the following school regulations.

  1. If the Certificate of Eligibility is not issued
    If the Certificate of Eligibility is not issued, the refund will be made excluding the examination fee and remittance fee.
  2. If you have been issued a Certificate of Eligibility but did not apply for an immigration visa and did not come to Japan
    All payments, excluding examination fees, admission fees, and remittance fees, will be refunded. However, if the admission permit and the certificate of status of residence are not returned to our school, they will not be refunded.
  3. If you are unable to come to Japan due to immigration inspection at a diplomatic mission abroad
    All payments except the examination fee and remittance fee will be refunded. However, it is necessary to return the admission permit and prove that the visa was not issued at the diplomatic mission abroad.
  4. If you have obtained an immigration visa but declined admission before coming to Japan
    After the immigration visa is unused and the expiration date is confirmed, all payments except the examination fee, admission fee, 6-month tuition fee and remittance fee will be refunded. However, it is necessary to return the admission permit to our school.
  5. If you come to Japan and enroll after obtaining an immigration visa, but the student drops out of school
    All payments such as examination fees, entrance fees, tuition fees, and education maintenance fees will not be refunded.
  6. If you do not enroll after coming to Japan
    It shall be regarded as equivalent to dropout and shall comply with the provisions of paragraph 5.